This page is an alphabetical list of the procedures by name. See also: Forms

Abuse and Neglect

Accountability and Monitoring

Assistive Technology 

Child Outcome Summary

Children in DCF Placements Updated 12/22 children_in_dcf_Redline version (DCF signature not needed to bill Medicaid)

Children who are Homeless


Dispute Resolution: Mediations and Hearings

Employment Practice Standards

Exit from the Birth to Three System  Updated 1/1/18 Exit-Redline version (Destruction of records at exit Form 5-1

Family Cost Participation Updated 1/3/18  Family_Cost_Participation_Redline version (Defines new “full” month.)

Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) Updated 11/3  IFSP-Redline version (PCP consultation interpreted)

Initial Evaluation and Assessment Revisions pending after provider meeting on 12/11.

Established conditions that make a child automatically eligible

Insurance Updated 11/8 Insurance-Redline version (added 10 business days)



Marketing and Promotion

Ongoing Assessment Revisions pending after provider meeting on 12/11.

Payments to Programs Updated 1/26/18 Payment-Redline version (Added technical language based on contact language, changed all Prior Authorization email addresses to and added projected date to PA requirement.)

Personnel Standards

Planning and Documenting Intervention Services Revisions on hold until after the DSS B23 Audit Protocol training.

Procedural Safeguards

Program Standards

Records  Updated 1/1/18 Records Redline Version (Updated Notification of Destruction of Records)


Service Coordination

Services Updated 1/18/18 Services-Redline Version (Clarifies joint visits, substitutions and 1x service area changes) 

Surrogate Parents Updated 1/1/18 surrogate_parents_redline version (DCF signature not needed to bill Medicaid)

Technical Assistance

Transfer Between Programs

Transition Revisions pending after provider meeting on 12/11.

Use of Aversive Techniques

Use of Electronic Communication with Families


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