This page is an alphabetical list of the procedures by name. See also: Forms

Abuse and Neglect

Accountability and Monitoring

Assistive Technology   DRAFT 4-25-18 (defines AT assessment, confidential FAX for AT request, documenting on IFSP)

Child Outcome Summary

Children in DCF Placements  Draft Version 4-24-18 (combined DCF and Surrogate Procedures)

Children who are Homeless


Dispute Resolution: Mediations and Hearings

Employment Practice Standards

Exit from the Birth to Three System  DRAFT 5/10/18 Exit-Transition Procedure (combines the two and clarifies Form 3-8 as Approval)

Family Cost Participation      Draft Version 4/24/18 (corrected the B23 address, and updated when families get bills)

Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP)    DRAFT 4-25-18 (Licensed practitioner signs all IFSPs, document all reasons for variance from IFSP, listing Services at no Cost on Section 6))

Evaluation and Assessment Procedure 

Evaluation and Assessment Guidance Document 

Established conditions that make a child automatically eligible




Marketing and Promotion

Payments to Programs  DRAFT  6-1-18 (AT and technical changes)

Personnel Standards  Updated 4-24-18 (added Endorsement 165, clarified LMSW vs. LCSW, added RDT to DTA)

Planning and Documenting Intervention Services    Updated 4-25-18 (proof of physician contact, updated requirements for visit notes)    

Procedural Safeguards    DRAFT 4-25-18 (To match Record procedure for notification of record destruction)

Program Standards

Records         DRAFT 4/25/18  (Original documents kept by sending program when transferring child)


Service Coordination   DRAFT 4-25-18 (defines proof of applicable training)


Surrogate Parents    (To be eliminated, combined with DCF  – see DCF DRAFT)

Technical Assistance

Transfer Between Programs      DRAFT 4-25-18 (Original documents kept by sending program when transferring child)

Transition (To be eliminated and combined with Exit – see Exit-Transition DRAFT above)

Use of Aversive Techniques

Use of Electronic Communication with Families


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