OSEP Determinations

July 6, 2015

Last week Connecticut received the state’s “determination letter” from the US Dept. of Education Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP).  For the 9th year in a row Connecticut’s Part C System (Birth to Three) received the highest level determination of “Meets Requirements“.

What is unique about this year is that OSEP use compliance data for only 50% of it’s determination.  The other 50% was based on “results data”.  For results, they used the child outcome data reported in the State Performance Plan / Annual Performance Report – Indicator 3.  These results are demonstrated by the entry and exit ratings providers complete with families as part of the Child Outcome Summary Process (COSP).  The current SPP / APR Indicator 3 reports describe the process in greater detail.

The matrix that OSEP used to make their determination is available here.  The link to all the determination letters is available on Birth23.org under How Are We Doing > Local Determinations > OSEP Determinations.

Also the US Department of Education posts all the supporting documents for each year on their site at

Connecticut’s Birth to Three System is only as strong as the relationships between each individual provider and the families they support.  Without them and the support of their supervisors and program directors, this high level of compliance and results would not be possible.

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