Month: April 2022

Colors of Autism: Raising Awareness at the Capital

April 27, 2022

Friday April 29, 2022 10am-3pm Informational Flyer

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The June 2nd Joint Convening Part B and Part C: Making Connections Through Puppetry is open for registration! Now through May 4th (after registering, complete the survey to order your own personalized puppet)

April 22, 2022

Register here! Want more information on the event? Event Flyer is here! Want more information on the research? Research Article here!

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Save June 2nd for the 2nd Annual Joint Convening of Part B and Part C for “Making Connections Through Puppetry”

April 14, 2022

Please consider early intervention staff joining us for this two hour professional development introductory workshop on puppets and how they can support all children, especially children with neurodevelopmental differences. The very specific principles of puppetry to support children will be demonstrated (these can be utilized with materials found in a family’s home).  Registration forms to come soon! Registration will be open through May 4th. Save the Date! June 2 2022 Making Connections Through Puppetry How_Puppets_Can_Be_Used_In_Autism_Therapeutics

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