ICC Members

ICC Chairs

Cynthia Jackson, Chair

Leona Adamczyk, Vice Chair

Parent Representatives

Leona Adamczyk

Shanda Easley

Michelle Rinaldi

Tiffanie Allain

The Connecticut Birth to Three Interagency Coordinating Council (ICC) would love to have and welcome more parent representatives on its advisory council. Parent representatives currently receive a stipend for travel (mileage) and childcare reimbursement for attended ICC and ICC-related meetings. Additionally, if you cannot commit to an appointment to the ICC, we always welcome any comments, questions, or suggestions you may have. One of the greatest strengths the ICC can have is truly knowing how Birth to Three early intervention services are helping families, and even more importantly, where things can be improved. For more information or questions, the current parent representatives can be contacted via email through familyconnections@cpacinc.org. If you are interested in joining the ICC, please email CTBirth23@ct.gov with ICC Member Request in the subject.



Legislators and Agency 

State Representative Liz Linehan , House of Representatives

State Senator Mary Abrams, Connecticut Senate

Ann Gionet, Department of Public Health

Kim Nilson, Department of Children and Families

Alice E. Ridgway, Office of Early Childhood

Melissa Roberts, Department of Insurance

Ginny Mahoney, Department of Social Services

Sharon Marie, Department of Aging & Disabilities Services

Andrea Brinnel, Department of Education, 619 Coordinator

Tammy Venenga (pending), Department of Developmental Services

Louis Tallarita, Department of Education,
Office of Education for Children Who are Homeless

Early Intervention Program Directors

Elaine Balsely, Reachout, Inc.

Carol Pelletier, American School for the Deaf

Anne Giordano, Ed Advance

Myra Watnick, Rehabilitation Assoc. of CT

Other Representatives

Mary Beth Bruder, University of Connecticut Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities

Dr. Ann Milanese, Connecticut Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics (pending)

Karen Pascale, Early Head Start (pending)

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