Functions Based on Law

The function of the Council per Connecticut Law17a-248b is to:.

1. Assist the lead agency in the effective performance of the lead agency’s responsibilities, including:

• Identifying the sources of fiscal support for early intervention services and programs
• Advising on priority areas and measures for quality assurance of programs
• Assignment of financial responsibility to the appropriate agency
• Promotion of interagency agreements

2. Advise and assist the Commissioner of the Office of Early Childhood on issues concerning:

• The development of standards and procedures
• The transition of children from Birth to Three into Dept. of Ed services
• Identifying barriers that impede timely and effective services delivery
• The adoption of rules and regulations

3. Prepare and submit an annual report to the Governor and the General Assembly on the status of the Birth to Three System Council members are called upon to provide input on diverse system activities including task forces and committees regarding specific questions, issues and problems, strategic planning for long range goals, and system assessment.