Current APR Public Reporting Tables

The APR is the state’s Annual Performance Report to the U.S. Department of Education.  Here is the current list for each indicator in the APR.   The links will open up a list by program (or county for 5, 6 and 8b).

1) Timely New Services –  PDF
2) Natural Settings – PDF
3 a) Child Outcomes – PDF
3 b) Child Outcomes – PDF
3 c) Child Outcomes – PDF
4 a) Family Outcomes – PDF
4 b) Family Outcomes – PDF
4 c) Family Outcomes – PDF
5) Percent of Children under Age One – PDF
6) Percent of All Children – PDF
7) Timely Initial IFSPs – PDF
8 a) Transition Planning – PDF
8 b) Notification – PDF
8 c) Conferences – PDF

Here is an Excel file of all the tables.

Please note this APR data was already 7 months old when posted.
For data from previous years, please send your request via email.
For more current data about programs visit each program’s web page or the data verification page.