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Here is the link to the DSS webpage established for Birth to Three.


The the State Plan Amendment was approved effective 10/1/17.

NOTE: Beginning with Dates of Service July 1, 2017 the Birth to Three System contracted with Public Consulting Group to submit claims for Early Intervention Services to commercial insurance.  Birth to Three System does not require the use of the codes or modifiers listed on the DSS Medicaid fee schedule for commercial claims. In addition, the Birth to Three System does not require the use of specific CPT, HCPCS codes or modifiers for commercial claims.  The Birth to Three System recognizes the contractor’s use industry standard modifier to identify the Birth to Three claims. Currently the TL “Early Intervention/individualized family service plan (IFSP)” is placed on all early intervention claims by PCG and submitted in an 837 EDI transaction. Birth to Three also requests that the Contractor use the Level I (CPT) and Level II (HCPCS) code sets which best reflect the services provided by the Early Intervention professional.

The “Special Services – Birth to Three Yrs” Fee Schedule is already online at the following website:


From this web page, go to “Provider”, then to “Provider Fee Schedule Download”.

Click on the “I Accept” button and scroll down to the fee schedule you are interested in viewing:

“Special Services – Birth to Three Yrs”


DSS Audit Protocol – with Birth to Three Procedure References

(procedure reference is listed in red in the left box on document)


Last updated 06/21/2018




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