Birth to Three Records

In accordance with State and Federal laws, parents have a right to their child’s Birth to Three record as explained here Parents Rights Brochure.   The record may be useful to with applying for Social Security Benefits, future Special Education Services, School Entrance, etc.

To request a copy of the record or just part of it, parents enrolled in Birth to Three should talk with their service coordinator.

For families that have exited from Birth to Three, print and complete this form Notice of Record Retention.

>>Send the completed form to the Birth to Three Program listed on your last IFSP
>>If that Birth to Three Program has closed, send it to Karyn L. Pitt at the
CT Office of Early Childhood,
Birth to Three System,
450 Columbus Blvd., Suite 205,
Hartford, CT  06103  or vis secure email account to

Please Note: Record are destroyed after six years from the date services ended.  See the Birth to Three Records Procedure  and this form Notice of Record Retention and Destruction.

If you are having difficulty receiving your record before the six years has passed, please contact the program director for your EI Program or contact Karyn L. Pitt at 860-550-4400

For more information about the Parents Rights Brochure after exiting Birth to Three you may email

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