Family Preparedness Plan and recommendations released

March 31, 2017

Governor Malloy Announces the Release of the Family Preparedness Plan

 On Wednesday, March 29th, Governor Malloy announced the release of the Family Preparedness Plan, a step-by-step toolkit for parents who want to have a plan in place for a friend or family member to care for their children in the event that they are detained or deported. The toolkit urges families to have a designated “standby guardian” and contains a list of immediate steps that can be taken by parents or family members to ensure their children are cared for in the event of immigration enforcement. It also reminds parents that, “if your children were born in the United States, they are U.S Citizens.”

The Family Preparedness Plan is available, free of cost, in both English and Spanish. In addition to providing a list of immediate actions, the toolkit also includes:

  • Forms that can be filled out with important information about your children
  • A list of documents which parents should locate and keep in a safe place
  • A list of helpful resources that concerned parents can seek guidance from

Read Governor Malloy’s Press Release and download the Family Preparedness Plan using the links below.




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