Procedures FAQs and Updates

September 17, 2014

From time to time we get questions about the procedures and policies we all use. As needed, we will provide a link here in the blog to Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) documents. In some cases these FAQs will include information that should be reflected in the procedure but we don’t want to change the procedures too often. So we all stay on the same page without getting too confused, when we do change a procedure we will post that notice here. If you print out the procedures, it will be important to make sure that the one you have printed is the most current version and that will be based on the date in the footer.

So for now, here is a link to an FAQ. (No procedure changes right now.)

September 2014 FAQ

The FAQ files will be dated, categorized, and tagged in this blog. This means you can search anytime for “FAQ” and you’ll be brought to all the posts about FAQs or if you are on the blog tab just click the FAQ link in the Categories list to the left.

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