“Save Birth to Three” Facebook Clarification

October 25, 2016

Despite what some have heard there have been no cuts to the funding of the Birth to Three System.

  • Last year there was a $6 million deficit and the Connecticut General Assembly covered it.
  • This year Birth to Three was allocated the same amount of state funds (a.k.a. “level” or “flat” funded) so there is another shortfall predicted this year.
  • The State has to change how Birth to Three programs are paid, both for families with children who are eligible for Medicaid and for those who are not.
  • The new billing rates have not been proposed yet and will not go into effect until June 2017 at the earliest.
  • There will be an opportunity for the public to comment on the plan for billing Medicaid.
  • All services and supports listed on Individualized Family Support Plans (IFSPs) will continue to be offered as planned.

Hopefully this will help if you are working with a parent who has questions about Birth to Three funding.  They can also contact the Birth to Three Family Liaison toll free at  1-866-888-4188.


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