If you don’t know about Charting the LifeCourse, now is a great time!

December 16, 2020
Building a great life starts early. If you get the CSDE Bureau Bulletin you will have seen that the Bureau of Special Education, in collaboration with the RESC Alliance, is offering several FREE, virtual sessions of Person-Centered Planning: LifeCourse Planning Tools. As you know Charting the LifeCourse, a universally-designed person-centered planning framework, is a tool to assist individuals and families of all abilities and ages to develop a vision of a good life. Participants in this session will understand the importance of person-centered/futures planning, become familiar with the LifeCourse tools, and how to use them to support the development of the IEP and Transition Planning.
This is a great resource for EIS folks to share with young families. For additional information about this training and to register for one of these virtual sessions, you can see this flyer or contact Eric Protulis by e-mail at eprotulis@aces.org or by phone at 203-498-6849.

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