Other Learning Modules

>Writing Functional Outcomes 

Quick (3 minute) , fun, catchy video about writing functional outcomes with families ( Related to the revised 2016 IFSP).

>Talking to Families About Money

This online module will approximately 15-20 minutes to complete

>Child Outcome Summary (COS) Process

An overview of regulations and policies related to the COSP, video clips to demonstrate possible scenarios, and the math related to the measures

NEW The ECTA Center and DaSy Center have developed a free online learning module.  To learn more and to register for access click the link below.

Using Global Reporting and Pivot Charts/Tables to Play with your Child Outcome Data
Also found on the SPIDER Video Manual under For Providers to the left.

>Timelines Interaction

An interactive way to explore the order and due dates for activities that are required as part of providing services to families under Part C of the IDEA in Connecticut

>How CT Makes Determinations about Programs

Walks you through the process developed by Connecticut stakeholders  (See the Accountability and Monitoring procedure for more about “Determinations”.)

>Family Survey Data and Excel Pivot Tables

Explains Connecticut’s Birth to Three Family survey data and shows a way to dig into it  (For more information see the State Performance Plan – Indicator 4 or visit the Family Outcomes Survey Data page.)


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