The Connecticut Birth to Three System helps families understand their infant or toddler’s development, identify a  delay, and guides families to support their eligible child and connect to their community. Birth to Three eligibility is limited to children younger than three years who have significant delays or disabilities.

Referrals are made through the Child Development Infoline (CDI)

  • Complete this  Online Referral Form
  • Call 1-800-505-7000
  • Print, complete and fax this form   Referral Form to Print and Fax

CDI care coordinators will ask for your developmental concerns about the infant or toddler,  medical information, and current developmental skills.

CDI  offers supports to match your needs, including other state programs such as Help Me Grow.   Click here to learn about all of the supports available by contacting Child Development Infoline, the gateway for help for pregnant women, children, their families and providers.

Early Development

When to Refer
Screening for Developmental Delays or Autism                    Developmental Screening Toolkit
Who Can Refer a Child?

Connecting Health and Developmental Supports

Referral Guide for Health Care Providers

Medical Referrals and Established Conditions 

Evaluation and Assessment

FY17 Town Data on Referrals and Children Served

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