This evaluation plan ties it all together….

March 30, 2016

Want to see the SSIP Phase II Logic Model and Evaluation Plan that connects our plans for professional development, changes to our fiscal system as well as how we communicate about Birth to Three?  Here is the full report State Systemic Improvement Plan (SSIP) Phase II. The attachments lay it all out.  (The first part of the report is from Phase I last  year.)

Phase II was the part where a broad group of stakeholders identified how to enhance our infrastructure (fiscal and how we communicate) and how we plan to support EIS providers to reach our State-identified Measureable Result or SiMR.   For more details about Phase II you can use the left menus at  and click About > SSIP.

Thank you to EVERYONE who helped with all the parts of this Phase, your program is listed in the stakeholder attachment.

Now on to Phase III, Implementation.

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