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CT Early Childhood Alliance Data Tool

December 12, 2017

If you don’t receive the EC Alliance emails, this tool was just posted and is a great way to look up data about infants and toddlers by town as compared to the state as a whole.   Where are your babies? http://www.earlychildhoodalliance.com/infants_and_toddlers

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Parent Training Opportunity – Understanding Data

June 3, 2015

Family Leaders Institute by DaSy* – What’s in a number? Do you know a parent leader who is seeking training in understanding children’s educational data? One parent can be sponsored to go to Atlanta, Georgia this October 6 and 7 and learn how to meaningfully engage as a stakeholder in conversations about data. This institute is intended to help the parent advocate for improvements in Part C and preschool special education. Go to http://dasycenter.sri.com/downloads/FLI_flyer.pdf for more information.   *DaSy is the Center for IDEA Early Childhood Data Systems

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Eligibility Rates by Program by Month

September 26, 2014

A program recently asked us to update the FY12 eligibility rate report on the data verification page here at Birth23.org. Here is the link to the new report which breaks it down even further by month. You can always find it by clicking on How Are We Doing? on the left of the Home tab and selecting Data Verification. If your data seems well above or below the average (+/- 12%) you might want to look into why.

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