Transition Conferences – whose job is it anyway?

August 29, 2014

Years ago we learned that Part C of the IDEA requires that the service coordinator convenes a transition conference between 9 months and 90 days before the child’s 3rd birthday. Part B of the IDEA requires that the LEA participate in that meeting.

Since our compliance is measured by whether or not the conference was held on time (and not whether the LEA participated), we are the ones who must schedule and hold the conference on time.

Please be sure to invite the LEA to the conference with enough notice so they can make it. You also want to allow wiggle room before the 90 day deadline for last minute cancellations. However, if the LEA cancels or cannot be available before the 90 day deadline, Part C staff must convene the conference anyway.

That is why we have this box in the SPIDER data system.

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