The Trauma of Homelessness: The Impact on Very Young Children & Families

July 18, 2022

Free Training Opportunity!

The CT Office of Early Childhood, with funding from the Quality Improvement Support project, has partnered with the RESC Alliance to design and deliver a number of technical assistance activities. As part of that project, EdAdvance, one of the six-member agencies of the RESC Alliance will be offering a free training opportunity to  individuals working in the infant-early childhood/family field, who are seeking to broaden their knowledge on the topic of the impact of trauma and homelessness in early childhood.

Training Objectives:

  • Understand the Relationship Between Homelessness & Trauma
  • Learn How Homelessness Impacts Attachment Relationships, Early Development & Learning
  • Understand the Definition of Homelessness & the Basics of the McKinney Vento Law
  • Learn Successful Strategies for Engaging Families

Register for the first session on August 11th here!

Register for the second session on August 18th here!

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