Family Support

Click the links below to learn about a the various family support options in Connecticut.

CPAC – Connecticut Parent Advocacy
Their Family Connections Program offers families who are currently in Birth to Three the opportunity to connect with other families who have been through the Birth to Three system or who are currently participating.

Here is a link to the English application.

Here is a link to the Spanish application.


Connecticut Family Support  To sign up call CFSN at (860) 744-4071 or email at:


PATH Parent to Parent:  – Sign on and get connected to other families! Ask questions and post topics for discussion with other parents. To sign up call PATH at 1-800-399-PATH or email at:


CT Families On-Line– a way to talk to other families on-line Connecticut Families listserv (ctfams) allows everyone on the list to send messages to the entire list. You can talk on line to other families in Connecticut, ask for information from other families, send information you think may be useful to other families, or just follow the dialogue about topics of interest to families in our state. There are two ways to sign on:
1) Send an e-mail to: Put no message or subject in the e-mail. You will automatically be added; or
2) Go to the Onelist site at:  (If you have an updated link please email


Bureau of Education and Services for the Blind (BESB) – BESB Children’s Services Program provides specialized services, training, and adaptive materials for children who are legally blind, visually impaired, or deafblind.

Here is a link for more information in English.

Here is a link for more information in Spanish.


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