Our Approach

In Connecticut, Birth to Three supports are founded on 3 key components.

Using natural learning environment practices

We meet families where they are and focus on finding learning opportunities in a child’s daily life. Research has shown that children learn best when they’re doing things that interest them within their everyday routines and activities. Learn about natural learning environment practices.

Coaching parents and caregivers

In Birth to Three, an early intervention provider works closely with parents and caregivers to build their confidence and skills using coaching as a style of interaction. Through coaching, these providers share new strategies, help parents and caregivers problem solve, and plan for actions to support the child’s development and learning. Learn about coaching.

Having a primary service provider for each family

In Birth to Three, a whole team of people will help a child and their family. But we always have one point person — a primary service provider — who is the main source of support. Learn how we rely on primary service providers.

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