Children have a lot to learn in the first three years

Birth to Three supports families when they have concerns about their children's development

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Child Development Infoline

If the child you are referring does not live in Connecticut, or will turn 3 years old within 45 days, do not complete the online form. Call the Child Development Infoline about other options to address your concerns.

1-800-505-7000 Visit Site

Online Referral Form

Anyone with concerns about a young child’s development may make a referral to the Connecticut Birth to Three System. Only the parent or guardian can accept their child’s referral and schedule a developmental evaluation.

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Fax Your Referral

Download the form below and fax to 860-571-6853 to make your referral. Birth to Three, Health Care providers and Families all work together to meet children’s needs.

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Birth to Three: Supporting families to enhance their child’s development and connect to their communities.

Our Mission: Through the partnership with families, Connecticut’s Birth to Three system is committed to supporting infants and toddlers with delays and disabilities to develop and grow through everyday routines. The system provides equitable access to all families and connections to resources within the community.

Our Vision: Through equal opportunities and access to equitable services, families are empowered to further support their child’s developmental skills, health related needs, and advocate for their child and family.