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Harper Hope: A Parent’s View of the Power of Early Intervention (runtime 15:03)
This is an important video for families who are, or will be, receiving early intervention services as well as for current and future early intervention practitioners. In Part 1, Karis and Mike share intimate reflections about their daughter’s birth and early months in the NICU; in Part 2, Karis articulately describes and illustrates the role of early intervention in their lives.

It is from s Desired Results Access Project Video Library General Interest section   As with all of their videos, this clip can be viewed online and may be downloaded at no cost for use in educational and professional development activities.

This is a link to a video about child outcomes.
Edelman, L. (Producer). (2011). Child Outcomes Step By Step (Video). Published collaboratively by Results Matter, Colorado Department of Education; Desired Results access Project, Napa County Office of Education; and Early Childhood Outcomes Center.


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