Dispute Resolution

It is important that families know their rights. Parent Rights brochure can be found here. Very often the quickest and most satisfying way to resolve a concern is to talk with your service coordinator.  If you feel uncomfortable doing this you can speak his or her supervisor or your specific Birth to Three program director.  You can find that person’s name here or by clicking “Our Programs” above.

The Center for Appropriate Dispute Resolution in Special Education (CADRE) developed three very helpful families guides.

Anyone may contact the Birth to Three Family Liaison at 1-860-500-4420 who will help facilitate a solution.

At any time during your participation in the Birth to Three System (B23), you have the right to file an administrative (written) complaint, request mediation, and/or request a due process hearing to resolve any disagreement.

The review, investigation, or processing of an administrative complaint or due process hearing will not prevent you from continuing to receive appropriate early intervention services agreed to in the setting identified in the most recent Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) that you have signed. However, if the complaint involves the application or initial services, your child will receive those services that are not in dispute.

You can access the Early Intervention Complaint Request Form below:

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If you need assistance, contact the Birth to Three Family Liaison at 1-860-500-4420 or email CTBirth23@ct.gov.

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