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SPIDER, Global Reporting and EI Billing Data System Videos

NEW link to Service Delivery Screen demonstration video. (05/14/2019)

NEW link to Insurance Screen demonstration video.(05/14/2019)


Each link will open a video file in a new window that is best viewed best using full screen mode

This is a link to a new video about making the EI Billing exports easy to use.  (as of 4/3/18)

This is about the OEC escrow invoice, EI Billing and GAP payments (as of 4/10/18)


This video about the new Service Delivery billing module SPIDER was recorded on 10/23/17 but since SPIDER is changing quickly there will be updates so stay tuned.  Please contact with any questions about SPIDER.

This is a link to a 1 minute update about entering data for Services provided at No Cost to families .


This video is an old  SPIDER Overview video!  It is a recording of a webinar for new data contacts that was held in July 2015 and is just over an hour long.  You can “scrub” to topics where you would like more information.  You can skip the Attendance Module as that was replaced by the Service Delivery modules above on 11/15/17.

Here is a QUICK video about how to create an online improvement plan in SPIDER.
And this video shows you how to add progress updates to your plan (and get out of feedback loops).

Global Reporting Introduction Video – This is just a quick overview of the main features of this new application released on October 1st.  The whole video is about 15 minutes long and covers a lot but you can stop and pause and take in only what you want.  More training will be provided (face to face, PDFs, peer to peer) in the next few months.   Enjoy!

NOTE – the Global Reporting application requires that the IE9+ Compatibility View (CV) be turned OFF and SPIDER needs it to be BLUE or ON).  Please watch the Compatibility View video below if you are uncertain about this feature.  (DDS users CORE-CT adds to a CV list, it must be removed for Global Reporting.)

Compatibility View  (DDS users now with IE11 please click here first.)

More about using filters in Global Reporting (7 minutes)

Using Global Reporting and Pivot Charts/Tables to Play with your Child Outcome Data

This page is an ongoing project.  Feel free to let us know how it works and any topics we cover next.  Just send an email to  Subject: SPIDER MANUAL.

You can continue to use this old SPIDER manual pdf but it has not been updated in years.

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