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If you are calling just to learn about Birth to Three or to make a referral,
start by calling our central intake office at Child Development Infoline
800-505-7000 (TDD accessible)

Families already in Birth to Three:

  1. Have you contacted your Service Coordinator or your Birth to Three program director?
  2. If you have questions about your Family Cost Participation bill, please call PCG at 1-844-293-0023, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST or visit their website
  3. If you still have questions or concerns,  call our Family Liaison at 866-888-4188 for more assistance.

The Office of Early Childhood (OEC) is the state “lead” agency that administers Part C of the IDEA which in CT is called the Birth to Three System.  The OEC contracts with 30 agencies to provide all early intervention services and supports.  For specific requests about records or other issues for a family in Birth to Three, please contact the Birth to Three program that is supporting the family as listed on their IFSP.

Contact information for EI Programs:
All Prior Authorizations requests that are not in SPIDER should go to
AT approval requests should be emailed securely to
For questions about Medicaid and DSS trainings, contact the Gainwell Provider Call Center at 1-800-842-8440
For questions about PCG trainings, EIBilling and insurance claims call the PCG Call Center at 1-844-293-0023
For OEC invoice questions please email 
For SPIDER Helpdesk questionsplease email

Not sure who to contact?  Email

The Office of Early Childhood is located at
450 Columbus Blvd.,  Suite 205
Hartford, CT 06103-1835
Voice: 860-500-4400
General Fax: 860-326-0559
Fiscal Fax: 860-326-0560

NOTE: Since we are all working remotely the best way to reach us is by email.

The lead agency staff and how we support our EIS programs include:   860-500-4406 – Professional Development, Procedures and Service Guidelines 860-500-4446 – Database and Reporting Development 860-500-4410 – Assistant Part C Coordinator, Part C Data Manager 860-500-4409 – Fiscal Forecasting and Reporting,  Fiscal Auditing 860-500-4405 – Timely Payment of Contractors, Fiscal Auditing 860-500-4462  – Education and Outreach, ICC/SICC liaison, Child Find 860-500-4404 – Database and Reporting Development 860-500-4402 – Home Visiting Program Manager and Birth to Three Family Liaison (no phone yet) – Integrated Monitoring Activities, General Supervision

The Part C Coordinator (Birth to Three System Manager) is at 860-500-4403
and our Administrative Assistant is at 860-500-4408

Website issues / questions :  Email


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