This page is an alphabetical list of the procedures by name. See also: Forms

Note: As of 3/14/22 please refer to the Prior Authorizations Spreadsheet below for when approval is needed. This spreadsheet will override the procedures below until advised.

DRAFT PROCEDURES– Anticipated effective date 7/1/24. If a draft requires content changes it will be posted here prior to the effective date. Please send all comments to

Abuse and Neglect 4/12/24

Accountability and Monitoring 4/12/24

Assistive Technology  4/12/24

Child Outcome Summary  4/12/24

Interim Children in DCF  4/12/24

Children who are Homeless  4/12/24

Complaints  4/12/24

Dispute Resolution: Mediations and Hearings  4/12/24

Document Control and Records 4/12/24

Evaluation and Assessment Procedure  4/12/24

Exit-Transition 4/12/24  

Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) Procedure & Guidance    4/12/24

Insurance  4/12/24

Intake  4/12/24

Lobbying  4/12/24  

Marketing and Promotion  4/12/24     

Payment to Programs  4/12/24         

Personnel Standards  4/12/24

Planning and Documenting Intervention Services  4/12/24

Procedural Safeguards  4/12/24

Recording  4/12/24

Remote EI   4/12/24   

Research   4/12/24

Service Coordination  4/12/24

Supports and Services 4/12/24

Training and Supervision  4/12/24

Transfer  4/12/24

Use of Aversive Techniques    4/12/24

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