For most families, the supports from Birth to Three end the day before the child turns 3.  Your child may “transition” to pre-school special education offered by your local school district.  It is essential that families, Birth to Three teams, and school district personnel walk through this transition process together with respect and understanding.

This a nice one page graphic about who does what and steps along the way.

NEW: For families with children in Birth to Three who turn three between May 1 and the start of their school year after the child’s 3rd birthday, who are determined to be eligible for preschool special education, Early Intervention Services may be provided Over age 3 (EIS Over 3). This is a flow chart that can help walk you through the options and this notification form is to be given to every family no later than the transition conference when they have children who might be eligible for EIS Over 3.  This video on YouTube/CTBirth23 walks through the flow chart and gives a nice overview.  Here is a new flyer about this Extension of Part C beyond age 3.

Here are some resources developed by Sophia Lampe and shared with all of us:
Transition Timeline & Planner
Transition Topics
Transition Worksheet

Here is a VIDEO about Transition
Approaching the Transition Out of Birth to ThreeCuando se aproxima el egreso del programa Infantes a Tres Años
In English:
In Spanish:
These were developed as part of a Preschool Development Grant with Eastern Connecticut State University.

<<Birth to Three teams if you are looking for the New Learning Modules on Blackboard look under Professional Development.>>

Family Handbook III is about Transition, available in English or Spanish.

Click this link to download, view, or print a 2-page file with more information.

This link will take you to the Connecticut State Department of Education website where they have Parent Guides to Special Education in English and Spanish

Links about the preschool contacts for each town can be found by searching for your town or by clicking this link.


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