To Operate a New Program

If you are with an agency that is seeking to operate a local Birth to Three program in Connecticut, you will need to wait until a Request for Proposals (RFP) is issued.  RFPs are issued

1. when additional program capacity is needed in one or more areas of the state in which case applicants would be competing against other agencies that seek to operate a program in specific towns


2. when the OEC puts the entire Birth to Three System out to bid in which case agencies already operating Birth to Three programs and agencies that do not will compete with each other.  It is anticipated that a system-wide RFP will be issued in the winter of 2018 after an overhaul of the billing system is completed.

When an RFP is issued, it will be posted both on the Department of Administrative Services website, as well as on the OEC Website.  If you would like to receive notification any time a Birth to Three RFP is issued, you may register with BizNet  (