IDEA Section 618 Data Tables

Section 618 of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) requires that each state submit data about the children they serve. This is sometimes called “child count data” or “December 1 data” and it is used in the US Department of Education Office of Special Education Program’s Annual Report to Congress.   States also submit reports about where services are delivered, the reasons families exit Birth to Three, and the results of any written complaints, mediation requests, or hearings requests.

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OSEP launched a new website in February 2015 to publicly report the IDEA Section 618 data as well as provide documentation associated with the data.

This site hosts:

  • IDEA Section 618 data files (historical and newly released data);
  • Data Documentation Files which will provide information about the data elements and format of the data files;
  • Data notes associated with the IDEA Section 618 data files; and
  • Links to other sites that provide data and information on children with disabilities.