#ActEarly Twitter Chat

October 30, 2015

Join #ActEarly for a Live Twitter chat on Monday, November 9 at 2pm ET.  Those on social media may follow AUCD @AUCDNews and the chat host, March of Dimes @modhealthtalk, for more details.

To help you prepare and participate, here are the #ActEarly chat topics:

T1 What does #ActEarly stand for?

T2 What are developmental milestones? Why do they matter? Are they different for a preemie? #ActEarly

T3 How can families #ActEarly? What should you do if you are worried your child’s development isn’t on track? #ActEarly

T4 What is included in EI services? #ActEarly

T5 Do all preemies need EI services? Can babies born full term get EI, too? #ActEarly

T6 What happens when your child turns 3? Can EI services continue if needed?  #ActEarly

T7 How can health professionals #ActEarly?

T8 How can the US address the capacity crisis for providing early intervention and learning services? #ActEarly

Bring your developmental monitoring tweets and resources!

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