Family Story Videos planned

March 31, 2016

The Connecticut Parent Advocacy Center (CPAC) is looking for parents to share their family stories through video! CPAC will assist parents to create a short (3 minute) video that describes their family journey through Birth to Three. The Family Story Videos will be used to spread awareness, offer support and advice with new parents in Birth to Three, and training for professionals in the field.

For more information contact Kristen Williams

What is needed from families:

  • About 30 minutes for filming
  • 20 pictures (to be scanned)
  • video clips of child (if available)

What will happen/questions that will be asked: 

  • Tell about your child and their disability/diagnosis
  • Offer any advice
  • 2-3 things that were the most helpful
  • 2-3 ways to self care
  • Struggles/Successes for BOTH you as the parent and your child

Scheduling for the video dates

  • March 28th-April 1st
  • April 4th-5th
  • April 11th-12th

***Location of filming will vary according to where you live in the state, offering some flexibility.

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