Current Monitoring Measures

The lead agency for Part C of IDEA has the responsibility for “general supervision” of programs.  Both compliance and quality measures must be monitored.  Most monitoring measures can be referenced directly to federal and state laws and regulations and CT procedures.  The measures are used throughout all of the Part C monitoring activities including self-assessments, data verification, focused monitoring, and complaint management

Click here for an MS Excel File of the Current Measures (December 18, 2012)

Periodically parents, providers, and lead agency staff review the results from all Part C monitoring activities.  Measures may be adjusted as needed. As research in the field of early intervention continues to identify and clarify evidence based practices, the measures will be modified.  In addition changes to laws or regulations and how they are interpreted impact how measures are worded.  This page will always have the most current version of the measures used in CT.

Programs looking for more direction about how to assess each measure will find that in the SPIDER database by clicking on the information icons in the self-assessment module.

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