Share the Eligibility Result with PHCP

May 21, 2015

PHCPs Need To Know the Eligibility Result for Their Patients

“Our son”….“My patient”….“A child on my roster”

When a child is evaluated by Birth to Three, there are at least three adults that think of that child as “mine”: the parent, the child’s primary health care provider (PHCP), and You – if you are on his Birth to Three team.  All help support the little one’s health and development.  All need to communicate – with parent consent – about what is happening with the little guy.

It starts at your first visit: Ask the parent for permission to release the Eligibility result (not the Report, which you will want to release with consent later) to the PHCP.   Talk with the parent about how important it is for her child’s medical provider to know that Birth to Three is involved, and know whether or not her child has a developmental delay.

Because you ALL want what’s best for your little guy!

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