UCONN Early Intervention Course with Stipend Starts January 2017!

November 17, 2016

The University of Connecticut, Mary Beth Bruder, is offering a course including a series of 3 modules on early intervention.  The course will allow for graduate credit or a stipend, as well as attainment of the CT. Birth to Three Early Intervention Specialist Credential after successful completion of  the 3 modules.   Please contact Gabriela Freyre-Calish, MSW at 860-679-1563 or freyre@nso2.uchc.edu.   Here’s what your colleagues are saying:
“This course provides early interventionists with the essential tools needed to understand and apply the research that guides how we provide services to young children and their families.” – Mary Beth McLaughlin (ASD)
“I have grown so much with the knowledge this course has provided me. I thought I was making a difference in the lives of families before, but nothing like I am doing now.” – Desirae Murphy (Beacon)



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